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The Around the World trip is over, and we are getting back into the swing of "reality", or at least, our version of it.  We are traveling on shorter trips, and doing a few presentations as well.

We moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2004, and are loving it. We even have a "bunk room" for travelers, designed for weary travelers to rest and recharge.  If you have the chance to come visit the Colorado Rockies, you will see why this is a paradise for us!

We've built an award winning residential real estate business where we work hard for 10 months, then travel for 2-months every year:


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  • Guinness World Records 2005 just hit the bookstand in August 2004.  Check out "Epic Journeys" on page 42.
  • Interview appeared at the end of August in the Singapore Portal
  • We moved to Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2004 -- a decision we're thrilled we made!  The people, attitude, scenery, environment, quality-of-life, and riding here are all incredible!!  Erin is working at the University of Colorado (CU) in the office of career services, while Chris is selling residential real estate and investment properties with RE/MAX.
  • An excellent article appeared in the Spring 2004 St. John's University alumni magazine.   
  • In March 2004 we spent 5-weeks scouting 8 western states in search of a  new place to live.  As much as we enjoy New York and its proximity to family and friends, we wanted to try someplace different, hopefully with a better "quality-of-life".  The result:  Boulder was at the top of our list (with Portland and San Luis Obispo tied for second).  
  • Erin has been doing consulting work in Career Counseling since last year, including an upcoming assignment at the UN, all helping to re-establish her contacts while trying to slow the leak in our funds.  When we move to Boulder, she will apply for counselor positions in Boulder & Denver.  Chris has been working on their book and putting together a multimedia presentation about the trip.  
  • In January 2004 we went to Europe, which included a visit to Guinness World Records to review our claim.  In February we were awarded the record for "Longest motorcycle ride (team)" -- See the record
  • In Oct/Nov 2003 Chris went to Southern Africa on a 6-week scouting trip with 
  • An article appeared in new adventure section of Sports Illustrated in Oct 2003.


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upcomingEVENTS -- 2004

april 17: Multimedia presentation at Morton's BMW open house in Fredericksburg, VA.
may 09: Appearance at Super Sunday at Expo Center in Hartford, CT (with Cliff's BMW)
may 23: Appearance at Cliff's BMW open house in Danbury, CT.
june 20: Multimedia presentation at Cliff's BMW in Danbury, CT.  11am
july 15-18: Multimedia presentation (Friday, July 16 @ 5pm) at the BMW MOA national rally in Spokane, WA.  
sept 16-19:  Multimedia presentation at the BMW RA national rally in Canaan Valley, WV.  (?? hoping to attend ??)
oct 14-16: Multimedia presentation at Horizons Unlimited Traveler's Meeting in  Copper Canyon, Mexico