Without the support of our family and friends, a journey like the one we’ve been undertaking would be impossible. Their contributions have been both intangible, in the form of moral support and advice, and tangible, in the shape of discounts on products and services. Both are equally invaluable.   Of course these supporters didn't give us any money (common question), but they do continue to offer help when we have problems on the road.  

Please help us show our appreciation by supporting them, just as they’ve supported us.  There were countless individuals who helped us along the way, but these folks went out of their way to help us.  If you need products or services that they can provide, we wholeheartedly request that you give them a try.

- Chris & Erin Ratay

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Adventurer Workshop Supplier of top-quality adventure touring products, including Hepco & Becker gear and Wilbers USA suspension.  Andrew provided us with crash bars for the new Dakars, which are awesome!
Aerostich The ultimate riding wear for the serious rider, at a fair price.  There's a lot of great gear out there, but we found this stuff to be the best.  Among other things, Andy and his team have answered our needs in seconds, saving us time and money!  Thanks for the new jackets, too!
Continental Tires Given a choice, we always went for the TKC-80s on our big trip.  Now that we're back, Chris still favors the TKCs (60%/40%) while Erin is sporting the new Escapes (70%/30%).  Whatever the trek, we wouldn't ride out without our Conti's!
CyclePump "Air when you need it" electric air pump and other innovative items from BestRest Products.  David and Judy provided us with a CyclePump and EZ-air gauge.  In a nutshell, we don't leave home without 'em.
Cyco-Active Touratech-USA importer and supplier of a variety of hi-quality products for long distance adventure motorcycle touring.   They also do special soldering to GPS units which are critical for adventure touring.  Tom helped us with some map cases at the beginning of the trip, and more recent, supplied us with a GPS 176 with Ram/Touratech mount..
Daytona Boots Of course they offer great protection, but these waterproof boots are as comfortable as sneakers for taking long walks around town.  Contact Helimot European Accessories for a dealer (USA) near you.  Helmut and Linda replaced our worn boots, and Erin is excited about her new Lady Star boots with built-in raised heel to get her firmly on the road.
Helen-2-Wheels Creator of the Super Packing System, Helen developed a unique line of great motorcycle bags, straps, and pannier liners, the later of which we used on our entire journey.  Always at a rally, be sure to say hello to her.
Jesse Luggage Simply the best Aluminum Panniers -- Slimmer, stronger, and with more capacity than the others.  We wouldn't travel without them.  Al & Julie not only helped us out with the panniers, but were the first to react with solutions to early electric problems when we were stuck in India.
Moto-mail Motorcycle accessory shop in Auckland, New Zealand. Prices in NZ can be better than other parts of the world.  Kerry and Karl helped us prep the bikes before leaving NZ, and saved us a lot of money by getting their suppliers to offer us special pricing!
Sharp Electronics The slimmest and most durable laptop we've seen, with largest and clearest screen resolution for ease of viewing photos and web design.  They're customer service is terrific, and respond to issues in every corner of the globe.  They've recently helped us with a second notebook, so we can work on the book simultaneously.
Schuberth Helmets When the manufacturers of the BMW system helmet came out with their own model, we jumped at the opportunity to try them out.  For comfort in everyday or RTW travel, it's the only helmet you will see us wearing.  Thanks Paul and Bettina, for your support and for bringing such a great product to the USA!
Staintune Exhaust Lighter, slimmer, and with more power than factory exhaust, the Stainune pipes we put on both new Dakars also have a nice "throaty" growl that's barely louder than stock.  And without the catalytic converter, it's easy to travel anywhere in the world!
Travelcade/Saddlemen Innovative motorcycle seats, luggage, and accessories.  Makers of gel and heated saddle inserts to make every journey as comfy as could be.  Tom offered to refurbish our seats at the end of our trip, but after more than 100,000 miles, we felt they were as good as when he made them for us all those years ago.
Wilbers USA Full suspension custom built to your specifications, fully rebuildable, and comes with a full 5-year warranty!  With excellent customer service and follow-up provided by Klaus, we recently made the switch to these top of the line shocks.

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BMW New Zealand  Grant Clegg and John Glasswell, the 2 leaders of BMW NZ helped us tremendously while in NZ, and continue to offer help from thousands of miles away!
Chain Gang F650 Owners Club -- Great information, newsletter, and camaraderie.  If you own an F650, you will regret not joining.  Several members have gone out of their way to  help us in times of trouble, and Steve, the founder, is ready to dig up parts and send to us anywhere in the world!
Horizons Unlimited A clearing house of info, bulletins, and stories from other motorcycle travelers around the world.  Grant & Susan, former travelers themselves, do a wonderful job of keeping this asset up to date.  Be sure to attend a Travellers Meeting, you'll be happy you did!
Trans-Atlantic Bikeshare Ride those far-away places without the expense of renting or shipping your bike, and great info from local riders/friends.   TABS members have been a great help throughout the journey.

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Blue Moon Cycles  BMW dealer near Atlanta specializing in Vintage motorcycles, /2 & /5 parts, and International orders.   John helped us get some of the gear we needed, at very favorable pricing.
BMW/Ducati of NoCo When we moved to Boulder, there were a few local dealers to choose from.  We met Tyler and a few of the staff one night, 2 hours past dark, after an 14-hour off-road adventure ride.  They guided us over the 12,000+ foot dirt pass in the middle of the Rockies, and to the campsite of the Dirty Dozen Ride.  The crew are real riders and have helped numerous travelers we've sent their way.  
Cliff's BMW A new BMW shop in Danbury, CT -- most of the crew is from the old Lindners Cycle shop, who helped us prep the bikes for the trip.  Stop in and see Erin's bike hanging from the ceiling, and say hi to Cliff and the rest of the fantastic staff.  Hey Cliff, thanks for getting us into those new Dakars!!
Morton's BMW True southern hospitality in a thriving metropolitan area outside Washington, DC.  Jeff allowed us use of his workshop, a lift, and support by all the staff when we needed to work on the bikes -- what a great find!!  Stop in and see Chris' bike on display.