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Aug, 2003


*Varies = Based on individual preferences/requirements

Motorcycle(s) Including all luggage and upgrades $12,000 -
Motorcycle Gear Luggage, GPS w/mounts, and upgrades $3,000 -
Riding Gear Top quality with armor (should be weatherproof), helmet, gloves, boots, etc. $ 2,000
Camping Equip. Tent, Sleeping Bags/Pads, Cookware, etc . . . $1,300
Electronics Laptop, Digital Camera, GPS . . . Varies


Primarily for India/SE Asia: Hep A&B; Rabies; Meningoco; Encephalitis; Malaria (pills); etc.  Plus Add'l shots in NZ we needed for South America $2,300
Med. Insurance Includes Emergency Evacuation $1,200/yr
M/C Insurance Pay as you get to each country = cheaper $5-40/month
Carnet Fees Does not include deposit = $11,500 for two bikes to CAA, refundable when the bikes return to USA $1,250
Air Travel


M/C Shipping
(more info below)

NYC to MOROCCO $2,046
   Airfare = $910      Shipping (Air) = $1,136  (3,604miles)

ISRAEL to INDIA $3,579
   Airfare = $1,114      Shipping (Air) = $2,463  (2,519miles)

   Airfare = $422      Shipping (Air) = $943  (1,369miles)

   Airfare = $740     Shipping (Sea) = $883  (3,900miles)

AUSTRALIA to NZ = $1,152
   Airfare = $354     Shipping (Sea) = $798  (1,356miles)

NZ to South America = $1,300
   Airfare = Free (air points)     Ship (air) = $1,300  (6,417m)

S.A. to CNTRL AMER = $1,673
   Airfare = $672         Ship (air) = $1,000  (925 miles)




= $12,738



20,100 miles
32,160 kms

Ferries Included in Budget (below)
Daily Budget Daily Avg:  Fuel, food, sleeping (camping & g/h accom), maintenance, tires, misc. parts, activities, supplies, trinkets, & misc.

Does not include shipping, airfare, med. insurance, and other larger purchases

Europe = $100/day
SE Asia = $50/day
Aus/NZ = $70/day
NZ Winter = $45/day
S.America = $45/day
C.America = $50/day
USA = $70/day

How much did it cost?

  • Our day-to-day total was $96,141, or $62.47/day.   This includes over $20,000 for the first 6 months in Europe, or most expensive continent!  Take out Europe, and we're at under $57/day

  • The above does not include med and/or moto insurance, airfare, motorcycle shipping, and other major purchases.  Add another $23,339 and the total jumps to $119,480, or $77.63/day.



Motorcycles sent on planes are charges based on either Actual Weight, or Volume Weight -- yes, they use the bigger value.   Volume Weight. is calculated at ([L"xW"xH"]366) or ([L cm x W cm x H cm]6000).  If you're paying by volume, throw your extra gear in the crate, just make sure it's secure.  The bikes are also considered Dangerous Goods (Cumbustable Engine / Battery), and because of this they charge more than standard cargo.  You are allowed 1/8 tank of fuel, and battery must be either disconnected or attached to inside of crate.  Our prices are based on 500+ kilograms (2 bikes).   The pricing for 1 bike will be slightly higher per kg. When shipping by sea, rates are generally based on Cubic Meters (/m3 or /CBM).  Sea cargo is generally cheaper, but watch out for higher port charges when you go to retrieve your beloved -- the HUGE price savings can quickly disappear.

Some figures:

  F650 with loaded panniers  = 240kg
  R100PD with loaded panniers = 290kg
  BMW crates 88" x 44" x 42"H = 423kg/crate  or 866kg total (volume weight)
  Other crates we made:  82 x 36 x 42 = 339kg/crate or 678kg total
  Qantas takes bikes uncrated from OZ, and only charges actual weight = AWESOME!
  F650 loaded, strapped to pallet with front wheel & topcase = 300kg or 350 volume

New York, USA to
  Casablanca, Morocco
Royal Air Maroc
Contact Bill Roberts at JFK 
2 BMW crates Normal price is about $2.88/kg...
+ Import = $94
Tel Aviv, Israel to
  Bombay, India
Royal Air Jordanian
  Contact Joe at Airport
Uncrated $2,252
+ Import = $211
Kathmandu, Nepal to
  Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Airways
Mr. Dhakal @ Eagle Eyes

tel:  +977-1-256 590
fax:  +977-1-252 541
2 crates = volume of 678 kg $943
Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia
  Sydney, Australia
Multimodel Freight
  Contact Mr. Murali

ph:  +60-3-365-2616
fx:   +60-3-365-2617

2001:  Unfortunately, Mr Murali is no longer there.
2 x 2.62m3 = 5.24m3.  $451, plus $432 in OZ -- very high import fees. $883 (includes HIGH import fees)
Sydney, Australia to
  Auckland, New Zealand
Qantas Airways
ph:  +61-2-9691-6770
Uncrated: dealt direct with Qantas Export $798  (excl. DG paperwork = free)
Christchurch, NZ to
  Seattle, WA -- USA
Qantas Airways
Contact Jason @
SB Int'l
ph:      +64 3 358-0637
free call NZ:   0800-808-850   
Strapped to wooden pallet. $610  (incldes all)

Shipped one bike back to USA.

Auckland, NZ to
  Buenos Aires, Argtna
Qantas Airways
  Contact Mike @ Jupiter Air
ph:  +64-9-257 1250
fx:   +64-9-257-1240
Crated:  Used BMW crates which we trimmed down -- Trying to get on to crowded flight $1,300  (includes all) - Actual wt was higher then volume
South America to
  Central America
ph: +58-212-355 10 46
  Contact Evert @ Fly World
ph:  +58-212-355 1006
Pallets:  Bikes were strapped to pallet and wrapped in plastic $1,000  (includes all)




Some travelers take more, most have less...

CLOTHING - We each had:

  • 5 sets of socks/underwear
  • 2 pairs of convertible pants (legs zip off to make shorts)
  • 5 T-shirts
  • Button-down shirt (nice)
  • Micro fleece top
  • Long underwear (top and bottom)
  • Fleece jacket -- Windproof
  • Bathing Suit
  • Day hikers (sneakers)
  • Sandals
  • Cap
  • Packable poncho


MOTORCYCLE GEAR -  We each also had:

  • Riding Suit:  Aerostich Darien - - Gore-Tex and Body Armor
  • Riding Boots:  Daytona Modul GTX  (Gore-Tex)
  • Helmets:  Schuberth flip-up - - Very Versatile
  • Summer Riding Gloves
  • Winter Riding Gloves:  BMW Gore-Tex and Thinsulate
  • Kidney Belt
  • Fanny Pack:  Wallet / Passport / etc.



  • Tent:  4 season, 2 drs -- Changed from the Bibler (no good)  to a Kelty
  • Sleeping Bags:  20F Campmor down mummy bags
  • Sleeping Pads:  Thermarest LE long
  • Tripod Stools:  one each
  • Cooking:  Stove, Pots, pan, and other essentials



  • Motorcycle Covers -- to "hide"/protect the bikes
  • Documents & Maps
  • Medical Kit
  • Electronics:  Laptop, digital camera, GPS, small radio
  • Tools & Spare Parts
  • Guide Books, Novels, & Playing Cards



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