With the big trip over, and the bikes in need of a good rest, we decided to leave them on display at two of our favorite east coast dealerships where they can hopefully provide inspiration to future travelers.  Erin's bike is hanging from the ceiling at Cliff's BMW in Danburry, CT, while Chris' bike is at Morton's BMW in Spotsylvania, VA.

Two months after ending our journey, Chris took a 7,000 mile test-ride through 5 countries in southern Africa on a F650GS Dakar, and the choice for our next bikes was simple.  Cliff LaMotta helped us get into some left over inventory, and we are forever grateful!

We now own two matching 2003 F650GS Dakars, and they are geared out and ready for any adventure we can think of.  If we were to start our 4 year journey tomorrow, we couldn't think of better bikes to set off on....  

With the exception of adventure touring upgrades, the biggest change was to make the Dakar fit Erin's 5'6" frame.  It was actually quite simple:

  1. Switch to F650GS standard seat (lower than Dakar), now back to stock.

  2. Install Koubalinks 1" lowering links.

  3. Raise front forks above triple clamp by  3/4"

  4. With luggage and Daytona boots (raised heal), she is flat footed

For a complete list of bike modifications, see below photo... 

Ready to ride the world (again)


2003 F650GS DakarsMODIFICATIONS