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Jan, 31 2003.-- 44 months and 85,000 miles to Nicaragua

Credit to Ometepe

-- Story by Chris  --

Monday, Jan 27th: CF & Simi stayed in Granada to try to find a new inner tube while we returned to San Jorge, and caught the 10:30am ferry across to Isla Ometepe. The ferry turned out to be smaller than we expected, as it could only hold 2 medium sized trucks and 2 small cars. The cost was 125 cordobas one-way for the 2 of us and the 2 bikes, which is about $8.60. After a stop for lunch, we spent the next few hours riding the dirt roads around the island. As evening approached and the rocks in the road grew larger, we happened upon the Hacienda Merida. It was a tranquil place set at the edge of the lake, and we got our tent set up before the sun went down. We met a few other travellers there, all hanging out in hammocks, and had a wonderful all-you-can eat buffet dinner for less than $2.50

Tuesday, Jan 28th: Spent the day relaxing, reading, and sleeping in hammocks. We did absolutely nothing all day, and it was great!!!  In the evening, Chris and Simi arrived.

Wednesday, Jan 29th: Another day of lounging around in hammocks and talking to fellow travellers.  John and Annet (german biker friends) arrive in typical fashion, 3 hours after dark and hours after we figured they would not arrive.

Thurs, Jan 30th: The 6 of us took to 3 kayaks out in the morning, and headed out into the lake to see a small island which was inhabited by 2 monkeys. A couple hours of paddling near the shore without seeing many birds brought us back to the Hacienda for lunch. We arranged with the owner to use his powerboat to take us to the small river, which separated the 2 volcanoes. The river opening was 2-3 hours by kayak, or 30 minutes by motorboat. We pulled the kayaks behind the motor boat, and arrived an hour before sunset. There were 5 kayaks, and we spent the hour leading up to sunset watching about 15 types of birds up close as they fluttered about gathering their evening meals. We stayed in the kayaks as the sun went down, coloring the sky in shades of orange and pink. We arrived back at the hacienda just before dinner was served, and spent the evening playing cards. Ahhhh…


Off the main tourist trail, on Isla Ometepe


Our first sunset from the pier at Hacienda Merida


Our second sunset, and things are looking better


Adventure motorcyclists exploring Monkey Island


Heading into the river, just before sunset


Chilling out for our 4th sunset

John and Annet

Chris and John find a way to kayak back to the Hacienda, without having to paddle!

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