NICARAGUA       Jan, 2003

We crossed into Nicaragua from Costa Rica, arriving just before sunset.  After a night on the coast, we entered Granada for a few days

View of Volcano Concepcion before sunset, just over the Nicaragua border


Chris & Simi, cheerfully pushing their big Africa Twin off the road after a puncture


A typical street in colonial Granada

Granada, in front of the main plaza

Fountain in the plaza

More colonial buildings behind the main plaza


After Granada, we turned back south to the Isla Ometepe -- the largest island in a fresh water lake. 

View from the port at San Jorge to the Isla Ometepe, and the Volcano Concepcion


Bike parking while we wait for the ferry

The vehicle ferry was only large enough to carry 2 trucks and a couple of bikes

We had to stay near the bikes, to help hold them steady

Off the main tourist trail, on Isla Ometepe


Isla Ometepe was so wonderful, we ended up staying longer then expected! The Hacienda Merida, on the south west shore of the island, was a R&R paradise

Our first sunset from the pier at Hacienda Merida


Same sunset, different view

Our second sunset, and things are looking better

The Gringos, checking out the locals and waiting for sunset

Local boys fishing, and checking out the Gringos

Adventure motorcyclists exploring Monkey Island

Yes, that's a cappuccino monkey on the rocks

Heading into the river, just before sunset


A little bird watching -- we saw plenty, but no good photos.

Chilling out for our 4th sunset

John and Annet

Chris and John find a way to kayak back to the Hacienda, without having to paddle!

Not a bad finish to the day


Our last days in Nicaragua, we went to the Volcano Masaya, where we met another overlander, Ed

First, you look out over the crater at Volcano Masaya

Then you look down into her throat -- the volcanic fumes can rapidly give you a headache

We met Ed -- -- and we're going North!

Hey Ed, nice bike, nice panniers, nice sticker!

Ed is a kindred spirit, and an instant friend -- Bueno Suerte Amigo!

Iguana Crossing

One of many local grain-filling facilities we passed in Nicaragua




We thought we would only be in Nicaragua for transit purposes to Honduras, and ended up staying longer then expected.   That's the nice thing about low expectations, we're generally pleasantly surprised!


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