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Mar 20th, 2003.-- Mexico: Day 1,400 = 3 years+10 months with over 87,000 miles

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Entering Mexico

-- Story by Erin --

Tues, March 18th: We arrived at the border around lunchtime, and decided to eat before we started the process of the border crossing.   After 3 months and 4,170 miles in Central America, we bid Guatemala a fond farewell.   We then entered Mexico, our 49th country, where the US$1 ~ 10.7 pesos.

The formalities were fairly simple, but not cheap. Two hours later, it cost us US$25 each bike and $4 each for fumigation to enter Mexico. The $25 had to be charged to each of our credit cards; each vehicle owner must have a credit card in their name. The roads on the Mexican side are markedly better than in Guatemala. A Guatemalan friend said he thought the cities in Mexico were much cleaner and that the diesel fuel must be cleaner here because the buses and trucks don’t cough up so much black smoke. I think he’s right about all that.

Driving through several small towns, some 197 kms, and arriving in San Cristóbal de las Casas, we immediately notice that the city streets are immaculate, and we didn’t choke on diesel smoke along the way! We had expected high prices for hotels here, but were able to find a nice little posada for US$12 with enclosed parking. It’s actually a step up in quality for us so we are quite happy!

Wed, March 19th: After a nice sleep-in, we venture out to find breakfast and explore this colonial city. We find breakfast in the form of tacos with minced beef and egg, not bad for 10 cents each! Then we promptly climb up to a small church at the top of a hill in town. The church is cute, but the views are obscured by pine trees. Later we are able to hook up with Hugh, an English Africa Twin rider who lives and works in San Cristobal. Our friend Steffen from Guatemala highly recommended we contact him. Hugh and a friend of his hold the Guinness Book of World Records title for fastest bike trip from Alaska to Ushuaia in 47 days!!! This included 7 days in the hospital in Alaska after a major accident. He’s a wealth of information on riding around Mexico and he is kind enough to take the time to give us some advice. Check out his website at

San Cristóbal is a very interesting city because of it’s blend of indigenous culture and color, along with it’s generous quantity of 3 different kinds of architecture: Baroque, Neo-Clasical, Plateresque (meaning silversmith style).  There are several different Mayan groups who also populate the city and bring much color into the mix as well.

We will leave here tomorrow morning (Friday), and head up towards Palenque, another famous site of Mayan Ruins.


The Guatemala / Mexcio Border


A typical church in one of the small towns we passed

The Cathedral in San Cristóbal


Shoe shine in the plaza


Typical colonial street in S.C.


Outdoor Market at the Santo Domingo


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