The Sierra Nevada Mtns

Granada, Spain june 05, 1999

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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It started as a ride into the mountains . . .

Fede, Inma, and Erin    Some of the locals


9,000 Feet and a barracade

Should we go higher?   Looks like we can't go higher


No Problem, there's a gap on the right side. Off we go to 10,000 Feet - - - Travelling above the Chair Lift!

Not bad, eh?   Up we go . . .

And go   And go




OK, I'm impressed



10,500 Feet - - - Pretty Cool

I mean, it's getting cold!



11,400 FFFFFeeeet

Hey, it's only 35 degrees F!


Time to leave

 Is this what Mars would look like?




. . . It ended as a day from Heaven

What a great ride

What a great day