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This is an excerpt only, to give a general idea of requirements for Longest Motorcycle Ride by a Team (formally “couple”) – We list this only as matter of interest, as the complete rules are updated continuously.  Any attempts should be confirmed directly with GuinnessWorldRecords, prior to commencing a journey, for the latest updates in requirements.

Fundamentals:  For longest motorcycle ride by two or more riders. The record is based solely on mileage.  Number of countries is irrelevant, as is duration of journey.  

1.           The riders should be on separate motorcycles. Only those riders who have made the entire journey are eligible for the record, and at least two riders should have made the entire journey.

2.           Any route may be followed, but in keeping with the spirit of this undertaking, the ride should take in at least five continents, and a substantial and extensive amount of travel must be done on each continent.

3.           It is permissible to visit a particular country more than once. However, under no circumstances may the rider double back on him/herself or ride a ‘circuit’ continuously in order to clock up additional mileage.

4.           The journey should be continuous, with each leg of the journey beginning at the point at which the previous leg ended.  Public transport (scheduled air, sea, or rail services) may be used between major stretches of the route, i.e. between continents or over water. Details of these journeys must be included with the record claim and the distances covered by this means do not count towards the record total. The riders must remain with their motorcycles wherever possible (that is, travel on the same vessel, aircraft or train). Where this is not possible the riders must await their motorcycles either at the city from which they were shipped, or at their destination.

5.           Although it is not necessary for the riders to be on the move constantly, in keeping with the spirit of this record the riders should not remain in one place for more than two months.

6.           When not on the move riders may travel ‘locally’ in their immediate vicinity using other forms of land transport, but may not travel a significant distance away from their motorcycles (except during shipping). Under no circumstances may riders fly to any destination, whether local or national, except when in transit with their motorcycles between continents etc. 

Of course, we take no responsibility for any changes or discrepancies in rules.  For the latest updates in requirements and a complete list of rules, contact before making any attempts.