Chris' 1994  R100GS/PD ULTIMATE JOURNEY Erin's 1997  F650  Living a Dream . . . 2 Live-N-Ride

1994 R100GS/PD


New photo & complete list of accessories next week . . .

In the old days, a BMW motorcycle was referred to as a "Gummikuh" because its loose suspension gave the owner the feeling he/she was riding on a rubber cow.  In eastern Europe, "Elsa" is the name of a strong and reliable woman.  In the US, "Elsa" is also a typical reference to a cow.  Therefore . . .

Stock with heated grips, accessory outlet, 9.25 gallon tank, GPS (should be considered stock), and a bunch more; All she needs are Al Jesse Luggage & Aerostich Tank Panniers and she'll be ready for the Ultimate Journey.