Morocco, Africa  may 1999

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    Bon Jour                     Salem Alaykoum

Along the coast near Casablanca, the Sidi Abderraman Shrine    Along the coast between Casablanca and Essaouira

The docks in Essaouira   Alain and Evelyn in Essaouira (ride a R1100R)

Berber friends we met in their spice shop in Essaouira   Buying dates in the Medina



    Dinnertime in the medina in Marrakech



Over the High Atlas Mountains

A typical sight on the road


A typical road in the desert between Marrakech and Ouazazate   High Atlas housing

Introducing our new Belgium friend, Tanguy.  He is 40 days into his 18 month 'Round the World' adventure through Africa, S. America, the United States and S.E. Asia.  We hope to see him again next year!

Tanguy blazing by us on his Suzuki DR500   Tanguy in person

Email from Tanguy on June12:  Hello guys,I made it! From Zagora to Foumz guid, de 120km piste took me 6 hours. I thought it was very difficult - sand, stones (thank you forexplaining me how to lift de bike when it falls) - but I didn't realize what was coming....The desert was more difficult then I thought.The first day, I fell, got stuck underneath my motor bike, hurt myankel (couldn't sleep all night)... I got my film taken out of my camera bythe mauritanian army. The desert itself took 2 days to cross. I did the"road" with two 4x4 (they took my gear). The problem was that they had no timefor waiting me to learn how to ride in deep sand. I got very distressed, exhausted ... but I did it! I learned on the way. The fact that we hadto go fast probably helped me to dare to go fast in soft sand (easier).Anyway, I'm happy it's done.Thank you for your message. I hope to see you again some day and talkabout our travels.Enjoy your travel!!Tanguy



To the Oasis we go . . .

The Grand Canyon of Morocco, between Ouazazate and Zagora

An oasis town   Want a pet?

Valee du Draa   A walled community just north of Zagora



Into the Sahara

Hey, where's the road?   Lookout Sahara, here we come

Can we go back to the hotel now?   One more drink of water before we leave Risanni

Ahhh, clean at last!


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