Martina & Todd's Wedding  july 23 - 25, 1999

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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We arrived in Trondheim, Norway on Thursday afternoon.  Later that evening we hopped on an overnight train to Oslo, caught a morning flight to Amsterdam, changed planes, and arrived in Munich around noon on Friday.  Martina's father, Reiner, was waiting for us and drove us the final 2 hour leg (in the rain) of the journey to Garmisch.  Yes, we were exhausted and questioning our sanity.

The brides mother, Marlies, with the Bavarian & US flags   Meet Martina


After a 2 hour nap, we headed out for the Pre-Wedding dinner celebration

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Soufa!


Erin woke up the next morning with quite a hangover, which was odd because she only had ONE bier!

 'They' say it's 90% water


Introducing the happy couple . . .

Todd & Martina



And the night progressed . . .


I can do this -- Everyone gets married   Typical Bavarian custom

Our waitress was tough earlier, but we eventually found her soft spot

The girls were doing a little rehearsing

Group dance / hug


And very soon, Father would have to share his little girl

Martina & Reiner



The Big Day and the sunshine finally arrived . . .

It was a beautiful day

The Zolldahn's very kind neighbors, Tom & Helen Tom and Hellen put us up for the weekend

The program

The Church

The main event

The chariette awaits

. . . off to the party!



It's time to Celebrate!

A little polka to get things started

Reiner wrote a special song for his daughter


Another Bavarian custom

They cut out the heart with tiny scissors   He carries her through her through

Ugh . . . how much did you eat for dinner?   Do you think anyone's watching?


. . . and we danced the night away . . .




We took the train on Sunday morning from Garmisch to Munich Airport, flew to Amsterdam, changed planes and arrived in Oslo airport at 8:30pm.  We waited until 11:45pm for our overnight train back to Trondheim. 

Working on the website at 11pm


We arrived back in Trondheim on Monday morning to retrieve the bikes from the local dealer.  It was a helluva long weekend journey, and now that it's over, we're glad that we went.  If they marry a third time . . .

Peter and Stane


Thanks to all who helped make this weekend possible!