TRANSDANUBIA  RIDE  august 21-28, 1999

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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Registration at BMW AG in Munich

Outside BMW AG  

Erin and Juergen discuss the upcoming week


Riders, start your engines

Zsolt videotaping Joska at the start

Hey guys, how fast can we go?


Prologue and protocol near Munich

Joska, Wolfgang Marx, and German police representatives

Hey Joe, do you have your seatbelt on?

Riding between the lines


The Czech Republic

Map with general location of Specials



Wolfgang looking for donations to pay for his breakfast

Excuse me officer, can you move outta our way?!

Looks like parking prices have risen again

Honey, I think we're being followed



Special #3

Extras for the next Bond movie

It looks like the dead fly was pregnant


One of the first riders


Checkpoint in the woods

I see you, do you see me?



Around the Sarlöspuszta (Hungary) campground

How many zebras died for this?

The horses want to know how the 2 mules got out

I just remembered I'm afraid of heights


Team Martin, nice fenders

Gerd and Wolfgang working hard   Stephan and Wolfgang attending to the machines

KTM truck -- Labor is free for all KTM riders, parts are sold at discount



Night Special

I should have worn the clear lenses

Look'n good

Am I going the right way?

Please don't let me fall in front of these people

OK, are you guys sure I'm still on the course?

More Racing

Look Ma, I'm gonna win!

Look out for the thorn bush!!  

Officer, he went that way!

Guys, guys, I didn't say go yet


The last Special is over, it's been a long week.

Who's great idea was this again?

Team WTS, the studs of the Transdanubia


The End?

I'm doing 200km/h on my police R1100RT, and the pavement is smooth like silk, Ahhh.


Richard Schalber will present the awards

Do I hear 20 dollars?


Hey, let's not forget the injured

2 ankles and 4 shoulders, not bad for the catering staff


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