Southern Thailand  april 8 - may 13, 2000

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We rode to Phuket with our good friend Yut and his girlfriend Jeed -- Yut owns the best "Big Bike" repair shop in Thailand, he specializes in BMW (and works on most traveler's bikes).
Enjoying a few moments away from the "office"


The private sanctuary from Leonardo Di Caprio's "The Beach" -- wasn't so secluded after all

Typical beach....

James Bond Island
James Bond Island

The Man with the Golden Gun
The Man with the Golden Gun

Muslim fishing village outside Phang Nga


We decided to get our PADI open water dive certification in Ao Nang, and had a fantastic week!

Day 1 -- Learning basic skills in a small "enclosed" bay
A scenic little cove

Our instructor and new friend Oli -- We spent a lot of time in/out of class together
Erin, Oli, and Chris

Off to our 1st "open water" dive


Anemone Fish

Black Spotted Porcupine
Black Spotted Porcupine

Spotted Cube Boxfish

Lizard Fish

Moray Eel

Big Daddy -- Leopard Shark


Gathering of RTW travelers in Bangkok
T.RTWbikes.JPG (35201 bytes)
L to R:  Jan, Anke, Erin, Chris, Kirstin, Derek, Tom, Liam, and Hamish

Three more travelers (Chris, Ki, & Brigit) showed up unexpectedly, just after the above picture.

Erin, Andreas, Hamish, Kirstin, Tom, Chris, Derek, Benka, Jan, Anke, and Liam

The Lucky Liam with the Ladies (Kirstin, Anke, Erin, & Benka)

Jan (a.k.a Si Baba) and Andreas celebrate Andreas' 30th Birthday!

After a few beers, Liam's Africa Twin didn't look so hard to move  :-)

We're trying to have another gathering
in Sydney during the Olympics....

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