Northern Thailand  feb 14 - march 27, 2000

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We were joined for our first 10 days in Thailand by Chris' Parents:

Robi  & Gabi

The Ratay's

Aside from their great company, they treated us to great hotels and food!


"Robi, I'm scared!!!"

Elephant Ride

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?"

After the elephants, we all went to the Le Meridien Bonboran Hotel at the Golden Triangle.  From our room, we looked over the pool, past the first row of trees, across the Mekong River, to Myanmar (300 meters away).

View from our room

We drove around to check out the local culture.  Below is a typical bamboo hut near a plantation field, used to escape the heat of the day

Chris and Robi

Tea Harvest

Typical hill tribe costume

Just down the road from our hotel was the Chiang Saen Wat

Wat (Temple) at Chiang Saen

 Gong    Temple statue

After Mom & Dad left, we were joined by our good friends; The Zolldahn's

Martina, Todd, Marlies, und Reiner

Group Ride  At the top of some falls

They came to Thailand to see us (and celebrate Reiner's 60th Birthday)


 Young GirlNorthwest of Chiang Mai is the popular city of Mae Hong Son.  Just outside is the Karen "Long neck" village of Nai Soi.   Most of the villagers are refugees from Myanmar (Burma) who make their living weaving fabrics.  The woman here wear gold rings around there necks to give the appearance of being "stretched", hence the name . . .

Woman selling fabrics

Long neck woman

Just another day weaving

Emily and Mike (also on a RTW trip) joined us for a ride on their rented bike .

A southern girl (American) and English Gentleman -- What a combination


We spent a lot of time in/around Sappong, trekking to local villages, motorbiking to the Myanmar border, and hanging our at a terrific guesthouse of bungalows ($8/night) called T-Rex.

8 bungalows surround this refreshing pool


Western toilet and mosquito nets (didn't neet)  . . . and ceiling fan

Typical road -- Lots of curves and small villages

Small village near Myanmar border

Helipad near Myanmar border

Helipad near border 

Road closure near the Myanmar border -- Just in case

We got to within 500 meters of Myanmar before the army turned us around.

Typical hill village Hill Tribe

Typical bamboo house

Village woman attempt to sell their goods

Most villagers burn their fields to clear them for the next crop.

Small boy on his way to bathe in nearby stream

At any marketplace, town center, or tourist attraction, these are the typical food vendors.

Makes you kinda thirsty, eh?

Construction worker making roofing out of leaves and bamboo strips

Leaves are wet so they can be formed


Playing a bamboo flute for money


Our last stop in northern Thailand was Sukhothai, the original capital city of Thailand.  What remains today our vast ruins and moats spread over several square kilometers.

Old Wat

Ruins of old temple

Buddha watching over Chris

Buddha shrine

Bust of a person

Another wat in ruins


March 27th, we left for Laos...

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