Porto, Portugal  june 10-12,

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The Campground was located in a park very close to the center of town.  We immediately met 2 motorcyclists from France, and an older couple from Belgium.  Albert felt it was his responsibility to provide Port all night.  Since we were both brought up well including good manners, and not wanting to disrespect our elders . . .

Erin with new friends:  Madam, Materina, Sylvain, & Albert   Erin, the morning after . . .

At the end of the campground was a small castle in a moat




Around town

City center and Town Hall

Church is up the hill in the background    The church on the hill



View from the Church

Porto3.JPG (58500 bytes)   Train station is on the building on the right

Inside the train station



More city sites

Typical street    Woman doing laundry


The grapes for port wine are actually grown outside of this region and transported to the "caves" along the river in Porto, hence Port Wine.   Above the caves are the buildings which after proper fermentation, refine, bottle, and distribute the wine.

Look close to see the names on the roof-tops


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