NORWAY, Part 2 july 18 - july 22 , 1999

After almost 9 weeks of pretty good weather, the rain finally caught us

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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We arrived to the Sogn Og Fjord, the most famous for it's beauty.  Even with the constant rain, the views were quite impressive.

JolsterCabin.JPG (58881 bytes)   sognEwet.JPG (62967 bytes)



SognFalls.JPG (61670 bytes)

View from the campground

Another view from the campground

View from the town of Skei   Using the camera's zoom


Then the temperature dropped . . .

I said I want my Mommy, but this'll do


. . . And we joined others in the search for a more comfortable climate . . .

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!



. . . and it appeared we made a wrong turn.

Cold and Raining -- Ah, what a journey



Approaching the glaciers

sognglacier2.JPG (57934 bytes)



Coming out of the mountains

The sun peaked out, revealing a lovely valley

Local resident inspired stopping for photo



The cruise ships come through the magnificent fjords for a stop in Geiranger

Nice twisty roads in and out of Geiranger



Scaling the Trollstigen pass, just south of Andalsnes, the weather FINALLY cleared.

TrollMtns.JPG (55425 bytes)


All this hard work, I need a Snickers Bar!

TrollCandybar.JPG (59179 bytes)


Here come some scenic twisties

Looking down, surrounded by waterfalls


Biker babe, having fun



We reached the campground, and pitched our tent to view Trollstigen

View from the tent


We met these 2 guys on holiday together, one from Finland, the other Germany -- We were surprised when we heard them speaking English to each other.

Kari (left) and Christian(right) -- we may see them again in Helsinki


After raining all night, the morning sky was beginning to clear . . .

The morning after


. . . but we didn't trust it, and got ourselves a cabin . . .

The grounds were flooded

Later, the area was flooded



We left Thursday morning (in the rain, of course) for Trondheim, and our train/plane weekend journey to Martina and Todd's wedding in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany