NORWAY, Part 1 july 10 - july 17 , 1999

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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We spent the first few days in Norway just north of Kristiansand with Harald and his family.

The 3 stooges

Kjartan, Tormod, Astrid, Erin, Bjarte, and Harald




A ferry ride on a gorgeous day   A look across to another island

Please don't feed the animals



A small pebble created this hole

Big feet, eh?   OK guys, I think I'm stuck



We left Birkeland and headed for the Fjords

It got a little chilly at only 1,500 feet


Leaving Lysefjorden

Looking up to Prekestolen




The climb up Prekestolen

Hurry, I'm gonna fall   I thought we were going for a walk!

It sure is scenic, even at 9pm

WOW   OK, I'm still afraid of heights!

Look Ma, no hands

OK, now how do we get up?

Rudi & Katleen from Belgium

Midnight, back at the campground



More new friends

Gherbi & Catarina from Stockholm

Frank & Pauline from the UK


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