NEPAL jan 28 - feb 14, 2000

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

Ack!  Get me back to the Home Page

Chris' shortcut to avoid the National Highway . . .

I know where we are!    Riding through a remote village

. . . leads to Erin's puncture in a remote village.

OK, found the hole, now what?!   Someday, I may open my own repair shop


On the road to Pokhara, Chris slides out in an oil slick.  Nothing major, just a bent crashbar and a few new scratches on the BM

Of course, this all happened in front of a school

OK, so I'm a little shaken up and need a break

Simple pleasures




At the base of the Annapurna Range

The Annapurna Range

Tom sets up "Base Camp" near the lake   French World Travellers




Day 1

Here we go!

Local cargo service


Day 2

Chris and Chakre leaving on day 2

Typical crossing

Small hill village


Day 3

It was a bit chilly at night   We woke to 6" of snow

The sky was closing in again

Finally making use of all our gear!


Day 4



Typical view

Spinning wool


Day 5

Could you wake up every morning to this?!?

Porters taking a break   Porters carrying baskets

Down we go


and back to Pokhara on the bus


This isn't so bad


Yes, we're going to die!



Shipping from Kathmandu

Tearing 'em down

Almost done

I'll miss you


Nepal was awesome, next stop is Thailand

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