July & August 2001


One of the great things about Queenstown is the many scenic walks in the area....

Sally shows Erin and Kris the walk around Sylvan Lake -- located about 1 hour north of Queenstown

This isn't snow, it's frost
Hoare Frost:  Each night of frost, another layer is added -- these shapes are purely frost, NOT snow covered branches.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's up the trail we go...

Kris and Chris at Sylvan Lake

Sharlene (a.k.a. Gidget), Sally, and Erin on top of Queenstown Hill

buddies FOREVER!!!!


Then there were the friends who came for a visit

While recovering from a injury in OZ, RTW bikers/good friends Anke & Jan decided to come for a visit -- of their 4 week tour of NZ, they were with us for about 8 days!

Hey Jan, you look like a German tourist with that jacket and camera!

Fellow RTW biker Liam from Belfast had to leave OZ to renew his visa, so decided to come to NZ for a 5 day visit -- we had a great reunion in Christchurch at Tom & Kirstin's place -- the 5 of us were kind of a team in SE Asia!
Tom, Kirstin, and Liam

Rounding out our friendship tour were our close friends Bill and Lillian from NYC.  They are living in Hong Kong for 2 years.  Bill had some business in Auckland and managed to sneak away for a bit while also cashing in a bunch of air points for Lil to come direct from HK to Queenstown -- Good on ya, Mate!

Let's not forget the skiing

Bill McHugh of NYC (and HK) 




Look ma, I'm still standing!

Gidget off from work and FINALLY out on the slopes!

Mad-Dog (not his real name) Kent: His job was to drive a bus up the mountain, ski (free) from 10-2, then drive the bus back to town -- ya gotta feel bad for the guy!


And the International Rugby

Through the referee society, we scored some tickets to the sold-out Tri-Nations/Bledisloe Cup match between NZ and Australia at the 'House of Pain' in Dunedin .

The National Anthem is half in Maori, and half in English

The famous Haka = War Chant

Tom & Kirstin trying to fit in with everyone else!
Speights Mate!

One of the few lineouts we won in Carisbrook
Did Anton throw that in?!?!
Just a normal couple of guys
The Men in Black


Then of course, there's the requisite Bungy Jump -- we chose the 102 meter Pipeline Bungy off a bridge in scenic Skipper's Canyon....

What the heck are we doing here?

Deike:  "You guys are crazy -- why are you jumping off a perfectly good bridge?"

Graham:  "Hey Al, are we using the correct rope?"
Al (left):  "I'm not sure Graham, but if we get it wrong I doubt she'll complain."
Al, Erin, and Graham making final preparations

"See that bird way out there -- Bet you can't reach it"

Look, up in the sky; it's a bird, it's a plane, it's superErin!




You lost the good strap long enough to get around my thick boots -- that's OK, just use the old worn one from last year!



Guys, is it too late to change my mind?

8 seconds later:   "OhmygoshIamstillALIVE!"


And let's not forget the going away party/fiesta!

Can you tell it was a Latin/Spanish Theme...

Erinico, Megan, Vanessa, Shaz, and Deike -- Shaz thought she would be clever and stretch the Latin theme to wearing a toga -- Is she wearing underwear?

Suzanne, our Spanish tutor, was impressed with these macho men --  the long mustaches, Kevin's weapons, and especially Ashley's hand-made necklace!

I brought some, what's a body shot?
Oh, I like that!  Will you marry me?
Doug & Lianne (notice the rock on her hand)

Stu's wearing a possum tail the girls taped to his head, and Dave is in his favorite soccer jersey -- Team Argentina!
Stu and Dave
Andrew doesn't care what people think, he's going to dance to Barry Manilow if he wants to!



This is Cello -- probably the coolest cat in the world.  We'll miss him, but know he'll look after Sharlene while we're away.

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