Chris called on his former experience as a mascot to land this gig on July 7th -- working for Qantas to promote the introduction of their international winter flights from Brisbane and Sydney direct to Queenstown.  As payment, we received a night out on the town.

Not everyone liked to see the roo...


July 14th - 22nd

Welcome to Queenstown Winter Festival 2001 -- a week of celebrities, parades, parties, events, races, and shows:

The Opening Day Parade

The Southern Man -- Good on ya, mate!

Jet boating


We participated in the Peak to Park Team Challenge:  A multi-leg race from the top of Coronet Peak to town -- covering about 17km, followed by field events.







Wayne and Ashley in the human ski wheel barrel race -- they came in First!

Sally and Sharlene, ready to start the 3-legged race

James held 3rd in his 1.8km run

Kris anxiously waiting to be tagged

M/C tire clearly rolls over the competition!
NZ2.WF-PeakParkWheel.jpg (17981 bytes)

Tony bounces Sharlene to victory

Part of the team challenge:  Erin helps Wayne, Hillary, and Pip for the sack race

We clearly won the obstacle course, thanks to the lead provided by Hanan and Ashley.

L to R: Erin, Tony, James, Wayne, Sharlene, Sally, Kris, and Chris
L to R (bottom): Hanan, Pip, Dave, Ashley, and Hillary

NZ2.WF-PeakParkGang.jpg (40612 bytes)
We finished 4th, out of 9 teams


Of course, Tuesday night was the Mardi Gras party, which would be incomplete without a parade -- these beautiful costumes were all made by hand in nearby Oamaru.

Chris and Erin
NZ2.WF-MardiGrasCE.jpg (35015 bytes)
A King






Jane from Auckland

Queen Bee
Kay -- Event Organizer
Jo from Wanaka


We took a break on Thursday, and participated in the Luge race up at the top of the gondola.  Erin and Shaz made it to the second round, while Dave and Chris crashed and burned early.



Representing the Festival Staff Woman's Team:
Sharon & Erin

HEY, they started without us!
Go, Go, Go - Girls!


Sunday night was the staff dinner party, and there were a great many laughs, even before all the free food and drink came out!




Meet Vickie,
our fearless leader

Reenactment of the Polynesian dance from the Ball

performed by Deike, Chris, and Kay
Dave and Vanessa find the karaoke machine
The whole FAMN   DAMILY -- Great new friends, one and all!


Monday morning, 7:20, we got the call -- "Come on, we're going up!"  We jumped out of bed, and headed out to the farm....

Setting up
Getting 'em ready
Up you go



Chris, Erin, Megan, Charlotte, Owen, Mei Lin, Darryl (pilot), and Jo

There they go

HEY, We're Lifting!




Beam me up,


According to the GPS, we're really getting up there now!

(3,227 feet)




Life is good!

Now we know why they invited so many of us -- it takes a lot of people to deflate and pack up one of these things!

And in the end, of course, there was champagne.  To book a flight in NZ, contact Diane at


And so, Winter Festival 2001 has come to an end.  Now what to do with all our time?  Guess we'll have to get out and hit the slopes! 

Winners in the Undy 500 Race
NZ2.WF-Undie500.jpg (38674 bytes)

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