NZ:  SOUTH ISLAND - PART 1 Feb, 2001

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West Coast

Pancake Rocks @ Punakaiki (north of Greymouth)

Trains share bridges with motor vehicles -- check before you cross

Lunch break

Tony and Sally from Sydney


Franz Josef Glacier

NZ.FranzJosefCamp.jpg (34912 bytes) L top: Camping out in 5C/41F

L bottom: Base of the Glacier

Below:  Cooling off in the silt-filled river

NZ.FranzJosefE.jpg (23498 bytes)






Peter Mitchell, author of Great Escapes -- the ultimate book for riding in New Zealand:

A stuffed Albatross
NZ.DunedinAlbatroseE.jpg (34866 bytes)

Inside the "House of Pain" where the home-team Otago Highlanders (blue) defeated the Auckland Blues (white)  23-8





Our cheering section helped bring the team to victory!

Local residents wanted to ensure we found our way OUT of Dunedin!

The Nuggets -- South of Dunedin, near Balclutha





   Inside the Cathedral Caves


Hmmmm ...

NZ.PresidentialHwy.jpg (22891 bytes)


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