MALAYSIA  june 21 - july 15, 2000

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A greeting in Malay and Chinese


Aussie's Anouk & Simon on the Suzuki they rode from New York to Alaska

Simon presents Anouk with her medal for completing her first half-marathon -- you go girl!

The Royal Australian Air Force doesn't want Simon & Anouk to feel uncomfortable while posted overseas -- not bad, eh?

Great Architecture can be found all over town

M.PenangDoorway.JPG (61532 bytes)

    . . When in Rome . . .




Suhaimi leads us into KL

Petronas Twin Towers in the background

Viewed from the top (looking down), each tower is made in the shape of an Islamic star

The tallest identical towers in the world

M.KLmall.JPG (64750 bytes)

Shopping till you drop at the KLCC Shopping Mall at the Petronas Towers.

The Sultan Abdul Samad building ---during the day

... and at night

Erin with Ven, another F650 rider who rode from India to England a few years ago.

Erin phones home to Mom -- she's using the internet from our laptop.  It's a free call!

Man selling FRESH honey in Little India -- those are bee hives filled with bees in the red buckets!

Some of the locally produced soft-drinks




Zaharan, Rosnah, and their 2 children.  We were invited up to Rosnah's parents home/plantation in Bukit Tandak.  Rosnah moved down to KL years ago, but comes back frequently to see her parents and cousins.  Bukit Tandak is a Muslim farming community near the east coast, just below Thailand.  The locals (we were told) are said to be "land rich" and "cash poor".  They may not have much money (or speak any English), but they're some of the warmest folks we've ever met!

M.BukitHouse2.JPG (62750 bytes)

A GAME:  A string made from rubber bands is held at varying heights.  The jumper must get one foot over, then he/she can wrap their foot around, pull down (no hands) and step through.  The girls were the best by far at this particular game!

M.BukitGame.JPG (63926 bytes)

They must jump back and forth at each height, so speed is also a key factor

M.BukitGame2.JPG (63515 bytes)

The houses here are built on stilts, and mostly made of wood.  The front of the house is one large room which is used for everything (eating, sleeping, entertaining, etc.).   In the back is a very basic kitchen (refrig, portable stove, and sink) and a separate room with bathroom/toilet.  No phone is needed, as people come and go as they please.

M.BukitSleep.jpg (63333 bytes)

Breakfast-time.  Sitting on the floor to eat while trying not to point the bottom of your feet at someone can be tricky when you lose all feeling in your lower extremities!

M.BukitEat2.jpg (61390 bytes)

Visiting the pineapple plantation with Rosnah's mother -- she didn't speak any English, and we got along just great!  She cried when we left 3 days later.

M.BukitField.jpg (63932 bytes)

The first pineapple to sprout -- It will be 2 more years before these plants can be harvested.

M.BukitPinnaplePlant.jpg (63905 bytes)

A nearby lake with a mosque on the far island

M.BukitLake.JPG (49703 bytes)


Our new friends Devindran and Angeline in KL:  They put us up after Erin's crash, and Devindran's crew at BMW helped us get the bike back to rideable condition.  For the full story, see Chapter 36
M.klDevinAngie.jpg (57440 bytes)








Melaka was a former Portuguese colony that later also came under Dutch and English rule.  It's known for its colonial architecture and has become home to several artists.

The Stadthuys, believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East.

M.MelakaStadthuys2.JPG (63986 bytes)

Beautifully restored shop-houses in Chinatown.

M.MelakaStreets.JPG (59390 bytes)

Local Melaka artist Charles Cham.

M.MelakaFreedom.JPG (59860 bytes)

M.MelakaDoor.JPG (61348 bytes)


M.C&Ebackpackers.JPG (24634 bytes)

The motorcycles have been crated up and sent by ship to Sydney.  In the meantime, we've become backpackers and more conscientious of what we carry -- this stuff is heavy!

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