LAOS  march 28 - april 8, 2000

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It is not legal to ride a m/c across the "Friendship Bridge" -- so the only answer is ...

Nice ramp


VIENTIANE -- The capital city


Arc de Triomphe
The Arc DeTriomphe of Laos

The Great Sacred Stupa
L.VientianeGoldWat.JPG (15183 bytes)

L.VientianeHouse.JPG (63386 bytes)
L.Doorway.JPG (59392 bytes)

Buddha Park



Fruit Stand

Lunch of fresh vegetables and cold noodles,

Does spelling reflect the quality of care?



Throwing water in celebration of the New Year


Long boats on the Mekong

Our boat

Inside our long and narrow boat

Cave Entrance

L.PacOuCave.JPG (64444 bytes)

Buddha statues in the Pac Ou cave

Buddha statues

Kuang Si Waterfall



Fruit / Vegetable Vendor

The Laos version of the Rickshaw / Tuk-Tuk -- These are Tik Tuks

A strange looking vehicle . . .

Mountain Village

Unfortunately, field fires are a common site


Back on a pickup truck to take each bike over the bridge . . .

April 8th -- Back to Thailand

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