INDIA january 2000

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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The Maharaja's Palace

Palace guard trying to make a few rupees -- Chris, Erin, guard, and Christian

 "Get out of town"

I WANT MY GSPD! (motorbike)


Everyday sort of things . . .

Colorful Cart


Go figure . . .




Some of the best temple carvings in India

Some of the work was unfinished

Getting a bit Erotic

Cows may be holy, but Elephants are God-like

Hindu religious men on pilgrimage


* AGRA *

The Taj Mahal

Looks like a postcard

We've been up since 6:00am for this! - - Tom and Kirstin are also RTW motorbikers

Back view from the Taj

To each his/her own


Tooling Around

Taking a break

Off to the market

There was nobody in sight when we stopped for a break

One more of Chris' famous "short cuts"

Lunch at a truckstop


Replacement parts . . .



The Ganges River


Bathing, laundry, praying, etc . . .

Monk praying

Smoke from cremations


Around Town

Travelling by bicycle richshaw

Traffic -- and not a car in sight!

Grabbing a snack -- It was good, whatever it was!

Prayer flowers


Too much free time . . .

Can I sell my hair?


India was great, now we're off to Nepal

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