INDIA december 1999

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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What a great expression



* GOA*

Beaches, fresh fish, and good friends


Typical fishing boat

Tourists help to pull the boats in -- This is our friend Rene from Montreal working hard.

I give you good price!

We spent 2.5 weeks at Savio and Mira's guesthouse


Trying to fix the bike . . .

Christian and Chris after 3 days

Do we look like we know what we're doing?!?

. . . we couldn't, so we took off 2-up on Erin's bike



Local transportation -- tourists not allowed

Please send me a photo of my family

Washing machine, dishwasher, bathtub, and water buffalo watering hole

15th Century Hindu temple




Temples, temples, and more temples

Temple Elephant

Main street

View from our guesthouse

Banana leave transport

I.HampiChariot2.JPG (60216 bytes)

Traditional chariot

Looking down to the old bazaar

Typical Bus



Typical carvings

. . . More

The New Millenium

Happy Y2K


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