HOLLAND/DENMARK  july 7 - july 10 , 1999

Is this how they got "Hallmark"?

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We arrived in Amsterdam around mid-day.   After talking to many folks in/around the city, we thought it best for the motorcycles to find camping outside the main city.  The campgrounds were packed with young students, and so we found a small restaurant on the water with an apartment and secure parking.  Most Amsterdamer's have had their bicycles stolen 4-5 times.

   Cheap room and great food, all we need now is a great view!

View from restaurant


We left our bikes and took the bus into town.  There were more American's here than in New York City's Times Square!

Central Station


We took a boat ride through the canals

Boats are tied up everywhere along the canals

Over 100 canals and 1,000 bridges in Amsterdam



Approaching the Red Light District -- Prostitutes sit in window showcases with red lights overhead.  No photos allowed!

Folks come from all over to check out the scene    Legalized drugs


Nice stained glass

This is actually a very pretty neighborhood

An early starter looking for customers

Even working girls need a breath of fresh air



DENMARK: Land of modern windmills and vikings

A small cluster of windmills

JELLING -- First home of the Royal King and Queen of Denmark

Church next to burial mounds of King and Queen

Stone monuments for the King and Queen





We're off to Norway . . .

So long Europe, see you again

Approaching Kristiansand, Norway at 10:33pm


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