GUATEMALA     March, 2003

Our second night in Guatemala found us just 35km south of Tikal

We made it!

We reached El Remate, on the eastern edge of Lago Peten Itza

After a swim, we dried off while watching the sun drop


The next afternoon, we went up to Tikal, a famous site for Mayan ruins -- the site is huge, and seems to grow up out of the jungle


The taller ruins stretch up and out of the jungle, like the skyscrapers of a small city

The Mundal Perdido (Lost World) pyramid in Tikal

Atop the Mundal Perdido, waiting for sunset

The day's last rays of sun, scraping the tree tops and taller ruins

The (long) climb down, after sunset

The next morning, our tent is surrounded by these Ocellated Turkeys

Our guide uses a long leaf to coax a tarantula out of her hovel


Swinging from the jungle vines -- Oaoaoaoa...slam, ouch!

Homes of the rich and famous


The Grand Finale: the Acropolis


A final photo after the 4-hour tour with Nina and Martina



The road to Lanquin

Sylvain and Sylvie, on the return leg of their Ontario-Panama-Ontario tour on the new K1200LT

A fairly long snake in the road!

A strange ferry -- a barge with this covered outcropping: A 75hp engine is mounted to the edge of this tin-can type rig -- the can spins 360º and pushes/pulls the barge.   Hard to explain, but very cool to see!

As we climb up into the mountains

We run into Steffen, and spent about an hour talking on the side of the road -- he is a nice German guy heading for South America on a XR

There's a surprising amount of construction on these roads


We arrive in Lanquin at the El Retiro, a hostal for Gringo backpackers, and a cool place to hang out

Using child-labor to get the tent set up

The kids fought over who gets to use the hammer -- we felt bad that we only had 8 tent pegs!

Our campsite by the river, on the property below El Retiro

The bar in El Retiro

The main room/restaurant

A comfy place to hang-out

Los Baños

Complete with Eco Poo-Poo toilets -- used for fertilizer

Raven, one of the volunteers, hanging with his friends

Another view of our camp


While in Lanquin, we went to the falls at Semuc Champey.  Here, the river comes down and drops about 15~20 meters below the limestone rock, creating a natural bridge along with terraced pools above -- great for bathing/relaxing.


The roaring river approaches at an incredible speed -- you wouldn't want to fall in!

Photo in the other direction, where river drops below the limestone bridge/pools

The tranquil pools, at least 15 meters above the river

Wonderful for swimming in

The terraced pools gradually drop down to the river which flows below -- the river can be seen (or imagined) in the distance

The 10km road back to Lanquin winds through the mountains, and took about 30 minutes by motorbike


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