ENDURO PARK  june 26 &27, 1999

(These are pictures only so it may take a while to download.)

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The road to Hechlingen

Nice place to live

Castle on a hillside   Almost there



Day 1

The Fleet

Erin on her first mound - - Woooaaa

The food was almost as good as the opportunity to rest

Trying to wash off the mud

Almost clean


Day 2

OK, that was scarey . . . but fun, too!

Up we go


Riding around on the grounds

This is the lower section of the park


Eyes forward -- If you stare at the rut, you'll definitely go in

Technically, this wasn't a fall


Stuck on a hill

He didn't quite make it up   Using the clutch/engine to get down


Into the water we go

Start slow

Accelerate once you're in   Tine on her Suzuki



Next we do the sand

Winfred demonstrates

The approach    The dismount

Klaus on the F650    He did the best of all of us

We made it!





"Thanks, Gregor, for everything"

Erin and her instructor, Bernhard   Chris thanking Winfred

We did it!!!


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