C O S T A   R I C A: 1       Jan, 2003

It started in Playa Tortuga, on the Pacific Coast.  Chris' parents came to meet/treat us to a few days of luxury.

The Lookout @ Playa Tortuga

Photo courtesy of Robert Ratay




The views from the rooms were quite impressive (even through the mirror)






Hanging out with friends at the pool

Photo courtesy of Robert Ratay

Sunset from our hotel over the Pacific.

Photo courtesy of Robert Ratay

New Year's Eve 2002 -- shared with family and friends!

Photo courtesy of Robert Ratay


In addition to Chris' parents and their friends Avi and Hannah, we were also joined by our friends Frank & Rosa from NY, along with travelling mates Chris & Simi, and Remus, another motorbike traveller we met in Playa Tortuga.  We spent 5 days checking out the local sites and sounds.

Meet the folks (again)

Chris' parents: Gabi and Robi; trying to not look silly in their repelling gear.  They are about to swing from a canopy line, and Gabi is not too happy about it.

Dad feigning "No Fear"

The boyz having fun under the falls

Chris, Chris, and Remus

The girls having their own fun

Simi, Rosa, and Erin

Toucan giving us a show.

Photo courtesy of Robert Ratay

We went to see the Festival of the Devil in the nearby indigenous village of Boruca.

Photo courtesy of Robert Ratay

One man, wearing the mask of a bull, charges against the phantoms who chant and tease him

Photo courtesy of Robert Ratay

The perfect lunch:  Cheap, delicious, and good friends

Rosa, Gabi, Erin, Simi, Frank, Remus, Chris, and Robi


With the holidays over, it was time to split up

First, we bid family farewell

Then we geared up, and headed towards the Caribbean (while Remus headed south to Panama)

Erin picked up a hitchhiking grasshopper



The Caribbean side

Not a bad beach, eh?!

In paradise, you always need a few palms

The rock formations were pretty cool, too!

Looks like Frank & Rosa are enjoying their holiday

Last year, when we met for New Years, they were posing in front of a glacier in Patagonia!

Feliz Cumpleaņos por Frank!

A few drinks, a latin wife, and Frank was boogeying the night away

Then we split again, as we headed to San Jose while our friends continued their beach hopping holiday


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