Riding in CAMBODIA   may 15 - may 21, 2000

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Highway 1

Hey, this isn't so bad....

Roller Coaster Track ... only 80kms more to go

Picking the best line

You could park cars in these holes

This should be fun

Even the local "experts" get stuck

The Bridges

OK, after I fall in, throw me a line, I'll tie it to the handlebars.....

Is this for real?

Baby steps -- Breath in, breath out...


The Ultimate Disgrace -- Off to the slaughter house, upside down and tied to a scooter

Taking Breaks

Benka's bike got a 35km ride the first day due to an electrical problem....
Happy Birthday

Searching for shade

There's no turning back now!

What are we going to do when the rain really hits?!?

A shower would be really nice right now

That road made me feel sick


We made it!!!

Benka, Erin, & Chris in front of Angkor Wat

In 2003, to promote tourism, the above route
will be repaved and the bridges will be rebuilt.
Hurry up and go see this fabulous country ...

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