(Southern) BRAZIL Nov 2001

Porto Alegre - Around Town

Our hosts in Porto Alegre: Richard (middle) and Tania (right), and their friend Heloise (left) together at the Moto Cafe

The Moto Cafe Crowd

BR.MotoCafeGang.JPG (25038 bytes)

Chris leaving our mark on the travelers wall of Moto Cafe

The lively public market in central Porto Alegre

A stall selling the yerba mate herb in the market

The cathedral of Porto Alegre

The outdoor market is everywhere in PA


Surrounding Mountains

Near Gramado/Canela, the beautiful waterfall at Caracol National Park

Back roads coming down from Gramado/Canela.  Note the wild hydrangea bushes on the side of the road.

The charming local animal, called the Furo, found all over Brazil


Erin at the top of the mountains near Itaimbazinho

Great twist road up to the Bom Serra de Jardim


Torres Moto-Meet

Cruising the main street of the Torres Moto-Meet

Erin's dream sportbike

The obligatory burnout sessions

I want to do wheelies like this!

A cool stoppie!


Boat ride across the canal to Stoppa's Tattoo Parlor/Guest House in Barra de Lagoa

View back across the canal from Stoppa's place

Traveling Brits, Anne and Jason, trying to fix Jason's rear diff with a plastic water bottle?

Stoppa (right) and friend with their custom trikes

Chris, Erin, Anne and Jason playing on the trikes

The local sport, sand-boarding, on the dunes at Joaquim beach

Our view from the hotel on the beach at Dos Ingles

Sterling (left) and Jason hamming it up

Sterling and Jason TRYING to do a rolling moon for the camera

Friends we made at the BMW Clube do Brasil meeting

Stoppa, Preta and their granddaughter


The Falls of Iguau

The view from the Brazil side gives you the "big picture"

The local wildlife

The gang at the youth hostel; people come for a day and stay for a week!


Brazil is too big and too diverse to cover in a short amount of time.  We'll be back!

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