BOLIVIA - Tour of Uyuni May, 2002

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Uyuni has become a popular tourist destination -- a town primarily consisting of hotels, restaurants, internet, and tour companines.  The tour companies run 4 day tours into the Salar de Uyuni (Salt Lake) and the Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa (National Park).Erin rode in the company 4x4 with five other tourists while Chris and five other bikers loaded their gear and (especially) spare fuel onto the trailer pulled by the 4x4.

Entering the Salar

The Salar is HUGE:  Roughly 125 kms west to east; and 100 kms north to south

Workers scrape a layer of salt into piles which are later shoveled into trucks and taken away for processing.


The Salt Hotel

Similar in theory to the Ice Hotel in Norway. The hotel is built completely of blocks of salt cut out of the lake; similar to how Eskimo’s cut snow to make their igloos, with a tin roof covered by straw. All the furniture (including beds) are also made of the salt blocks, with the toilets, lighting, and billiard table being the only things made of contemporary materials.


Pool anyone?


Playing on the Salt Lake

:  Kfir/Transalp; Jamie/KTM; Mark/Tenere; Chris/F650; Martin/KTM; and Chris/DR650

Riding at 120km/h

The Jeep -- With Erin waving from the front

Planting dynamite


Southwest Corner of Bolivia

Pink Flamingos: They get their body color from the minerals they eat in the lake

Photo Op in front of the Arbor de Piedra (Rock Tree)

Laguna Verde and the border to Chile

About 3 miles above sea-level

Outside temp was about 0C/32F; In the water was approx. 35C/95F


Riding back alone
see Chapter 109

It's getting late....

4 x 4 tracks lead out on this side -- You're kidding, right?!?

Somehow made it across, cleaning the bike over the headlight!


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