AUSTRALIA - PART 5 jan, 2001

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Symbols of Western
& Southern Australia

The Galah

The Roo





The Crayfish





and some subtle
Safety messages

Friends in Perth

The Malones in Kings Park:  Stephanie, Peter, Faye, Graham, and Marie

Too much free time during Xmas, Peter and Chris decide to take apart the F650



Tim & Barbara Wood

Replacing the head gaskets


Tourist Spots in the South

The 61 meter (201') climb up the Gloucster Tree -- former lookout for forest rangers

Valley of the Giants:  40 meters up on a suspended walkway through the trees

Rock bridge in Albany -- wave to Erin



Beautiful White Sand Beaches

Cruising with Andreas

Andreas giving Erin a push through the deep stuff

We rode about 50kms on the beach sand -- Yahooo!



Erin, Pippa, Ron, Chris, and Bill (Skoota)

The 12 Apostles

London Bridge

The east entrance with Shriley and Brian

Phil, Frank, Shirley, and Brian -- Nice Stickers Guys!


The Snowy Mountains

An overlook spot with Liam

In honor of another RTW traveler:  Chris Bright

Camping out by the river near Thredbo Ski Resort

Sailing south of Melbourne

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