AUSTRALIA - PART 4 nov-dec, 2000

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Meet The Germans:
Anke & Jan Lucas - Around the World on 2 R1100GS's





We spent 5 terrific weeks together, all the way to Perth

Did you catch the extra trailers in the background = Road Train!


More Travelers / Friends

WA.GangNick.jpg (50359 bytes)

Nick Palmer (left), touring on his R80G/S which he brought from North Carolina

Nick & Chris have the same JESSE panniers, and all 3 of us wear blue AeroStich Darien Jackets with black Darien pants.  Hmmmmm......

We met Dan & Cindy (behind) many times on the road

Dan & Cindy:  From Vancouver, Canada.   Touring around Australia for 5 months

Andreas Fick:  Fellow Globetrotter (German), on a borrowed bike while waiting for parts.


can be very warm in the summer!

47.3 C = 117 F:  We calculated that we rode over 23 days in temps above 40C, most of which were in the high 40's (see gauge below, left)



Temperature at the campground

Sometimes, you have to make extreme purchases -- we would travel for 2.5 months with our box-fan, one of the best investments we made...


Broome / 80-mile Beach


The red sand was spectacular

Italian Racers



Making Christmas Cards


Scenes from WA

Salt flats in Port Hedland

Karratha, west of Port Hedland

STRAMATALITES:  Oldest living fossils -- these organisms have been around since the "Big Bang"

Feeding the dolphins at Monkey Mia

While the pelicans begged for scraps.....

The Pinnicles, just north of Perth


Tim Woods in Perth

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