AUSTRALIA - PART 1 august, 2000

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Uncrating the bikes at the port in Sydney with Chris' uncle Zoli.  The 80 year old man insisted on working the crow-bar -- it was pretty amazing to watch him.

Looking down to Sydney Harbor

The Harbor from sea level

Does this look familiar?

the Sydney Opera House

view from Mrs. McQuarie's Chair
NSW.McQuariesChair.JPG (52784 bytes)

Local Bird ...

... a begger for food, much like pigeon

Bondi Beach -- with Olympic Volleyball Stadium on the left



We left the bikes in Sydney, and flew down to Melbourne for a week -- relegating ourselves once again to "backpacker" status.

Discovering there's more to RTW motorbiking than just riding......

Liam and Chris -- they claim they're resting, but it looks more like posing!

Waiting for the tram with Liam and Katrina
V.LiamKat.jpg (48661 bytes)

Melbourne train station
V.MelbourneBuilding.jpg (52173 bytes)

A city of about 3.5 million people


South of Melbourne, along the ocean

Pete's new boat -- a great wave crusher!





Seals barking like dogs

Pete cutting it in the frigid waters


Erin was the provider, making our only catch of the day -- a small flat-head fish

Some things just never change......

Playing in the sand dunes

Look out for the wave!

Participating in a Friday night custom:  Pete, Erin, Brooke, Slip, and Chris

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the Olympics in Sydney...

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