ARGENTINA Oct & Dec 2002

Around Buenos Aires

The famous Recoleta Cemetary where Evita Perón is buried.

Out on a Sunday afternoon.

Shall we Tango?

Welcome to
La Boca, the colorful bario of Buenos Aires

The buildings are all painted with vibrant multi-colors

Do you wonder if this is where LEGO actually started?




Wares at one of the many antique markets

Below:  River taxi on the Rio Plata

Right:  Flag of Che -- hero to the poor of Latin America


San Ignacio - The Jesuit Ruins

Built in the early 1700s and abandonded a century later when forced out by slave traders

Below:  One of the many unique stone floor tiles

Right:   Huge cactus plant/tree

Hello -- anyone there?

Sunset at the campground


Meeting Fellow

Members of the Tachame la Doble gang:

We met many woman riders in BA

Getting tips on Patagonia, especially where the fuel is!

Top:  Sebastian, Santiago, Tweety, and Chris
Bottom:  Orange shirt, Mariano, and Sofia

Cruisin' through BA

Not really, but pretty cool anyway...

Russian version of old BMW

Alberto, from South Africa, shipped his bike here to BA


The Kemeny Clan

L to R:  Erin, Tina, Marc, Trixie, Chris, Marcela
Bottom:  Éva, Pablo, Sabrina (hidden), and Gyözö

Gyözö, Sabrina, and Éva

Sebastian rides pillion on Sofia's new bike!

Some of the Gargulas gang

Gabi, 2 nice girls, Camel, Gabriel, and César

A brief stay in Rosario

Chris, Oscar (photo from his camera), Erin, and Pablo

Marcelo (left) and Willy (right) of the BMW shop, Cordasco Motohaus in Buenos Aires.

The Crew of Motocare who were always there to help us

        Left to right: Mariano, Diego, Sergio, Pedro

Andrés Fuse of BMW Argentina, and his wife Adriana



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